William plays polo as royal baby's arrival nears

Members of the media wait Sunday, July 14, for the royal baby's arrival across the street from St. Mary's Hospital in London.

Prince William took time out to play polo with his brother Sunday even as the arrival of the first child for him and his wife, Kate, appears to be near.

LONDON — His wife may be due to have her baby soon, but Prince William isn't one to sit tight and wait for the news — instead, he's off playing polo.

Many in the British media have predicted that the first child of the prince and the Duchess of Cambridge, formerly known as Kate Middleton, is expected to arrive Sunday. Dozens of bleary-eyed photographers and cameramen have been standing guard around the clock on royal baby watch outside St. Mary's Hospital in London.

Royal baby arrival near: Prince WilliamAP Photo: Chris Ison, PA

Prince William plays polo Sunday, July 14, at the Cirencester Park Polo Club in Gloucestershire.

But the prince was enjoying a game of polo with his brother, Prince Harry, at a charity match Sunday at the Cirencester Park Polo Club, almost 100 miles west of the capital.

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William appeared relaxed and was seen greeting locals who went up to meet him in footage broadcast on Sky News.

According to bookmaker William Hill, most people are betting money on a royal birth Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.

Officials have said that the baby is due around mid-July, but have not released a due date. The birth, when it does come, will be announced by a bulletin posted on a wooden easel placed outside Buckingham Palace.

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It's a time-honored royal tradition — the birth of William's father, Prince Charles, was announced the same way in 1948. This time, however, officials have adapted to modern times by adding a simultaneous announcement on Twitter, so that millions around the world can get the news within seconds.

Rupert Adams, spokesman for William Hill, said the most fervent betting has been on the name of the baby. Alexandra, Charlotte, Elizabeth and George are among the top contenders so far, he said.

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