Vultures eat woman's body in 50 minutes after fall off cliff

Shortly after her fatal fall of 980 feet, all that remained of a French woman eaten by vultures was her bones, clothes and shoes.

A woman was eaten by vultures after falling off a cliff in the French Pyrénées, International Business Times reported.

The French woman, whose name has not been released, was hiking Friday in the area with two friends. According to the Times, she attempted a shortcut through the mountain range, located on the border with Spain, but fell off a cliff and died.

The Times reported she died before being eaten by the vultures.

United Press International said she fell about 980 feet. According to UPI, it took the vultures about 50 minutes to eat the 52-year-old's body. They left behind nothing but her bones, clothes and shoes.

Major Didier Pericou told The Times of Europe, "When we first went out in the helicopter looking for the body, we saw numerous vultures without realizing what they were doing."

Pericou added that the incident has reignited calls from local farmers to allow hunting of the birds.

The Times reported that Pyrénéan farmers have been demanding the right to shoot the birds, known as Griffon Vultures, because they've been attacking sheep and cows.

But the species is protected in France and has lost access to its normal diet of carcasses due to European health and safety regulations.


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