Vladimir Putin: Russia's action & adventure man

Reuters | Reuters Photo: Alexei Nikolskyi
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Master of all wildlife

Whenever Russian President Vladimir Putin pulls off a macho stunt, there always seems to be a camera at the ready to capture the event. See gallery

After Russia's president posted his latest manly stunt, catching a huge pike, citizens were clear they weren't falling for the bait. The images of the 60-year-old president hauling in a pike, which the Kremlin said weighed 46 pounds, proved too much for some Russians to swallow. Within hours, online satirists were questioning whether the incident was staged and whether the pike was really as big as the Kremlin said.

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In this photo: Russia's President Vladimir Putin holds up a fish in the Siberian Federal District July 20.

Reuters Photo: Ria Novosti
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Bare-chested with rifle

Apparently, manly men in Russia walk bare-chested in Siberia with a rifle at the ready, as Putin does here in the Tuva region.

Reuters Photo: Sergei Karpukhin
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Astride a Hawg

It's Russian hawg heaven for Putin as he rides a Harley-Davidson Lehman Trike to a meeting with motorbikers at their camp in Ukraine's Crimea.

Reuters Photo: Ria Novosti
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Shooting whales with a crossbow

In choppy waters, Putin, left, fires darts with a crossbow at an endangered gray whale from a motorboat in the Sea of Japan. But he wasn't hunting whales. He was collecting skin samples for a whale research study, accompanied by members of the Kronotsky Biosphere Reserve, according to local media.

Reuters Photo: Ria Novosti
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Hockey powerhouse

There are few more masculine pursuits in frozen Russia than a rip-roaring, shove-'em-into-the-boards ice hockey game. Alas, Putin is being, well, trained here in Moscow.

Reuters Photo: Mikhail Metzel
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Summiting climbing walls

Without helmet or gear, Putin gets a handle on a climbing wall while visiting the summer camp of the pro-Kremlin youth group Nashi at Lake Seliger, north of Moscow.

Reuters Photo: Ria Novosti
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Strong-arm swimming in Siberia

In another bare-chested and strong-arm display, Putin swims in a lake in southern Siberia's Tuva region.

Reuters Photo: Ria Novosti
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More bare chest than bareback

Though real wild men would go bareback on a horse, Putin rides bare-chested in southern Siberia's Tuva region.

Reuters Photo: Alexsey Druginyn
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Victor of the skies

Putin flies in a motorized delta plane with a bird or two apparently taking lessons in his wake.

Reuters Photo: Alexsey Druginyn
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More powerful than a locomotive

While Superman may be more powerful than a locomotive, Putin is as powerful as the locomotive simulator he's driving at the research facility of Russian Railways, the national railway company in Moscow.

Reuters Photo: Ria Novosti
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Sea explorer extraordinaire

Though Putin's hardly conquering the seven seas, he is hunting shipwrecks, if hunting means "taking a look." Here, the Russian president peers through the glass of the C-Explorer 5 submersible after a dive to see the remains of the naval frigate Oleg, which sank in the 19th century in the Baltic Sea.

Reuters Photo: Ria Novosti
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Taming wild beasties

It surely doesn't hurt a manly reputation to hang out with wild beasts, but in this case, Putin is holding a 5-year-old tiger's head as scientists put a collar with a satellite tracker on the animal.

Reuters Photo: Alexei Nikolsky
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Conquering rocks in Kyrgyzstan

Whether Putin is conquering these treacherous rocks is debatable, but doesn't it look so? He's actually taking a walk over a river with his Kyrgyz counterpart Almazbek Atambayev, who's not pictured, in a Kyrgyzstan national park.

Reuters Photo: Ria Novosti
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Judo genius

No, he's not a judo master. Yet. But doesn't that move look powerful, even masterful? Here, Putin is in a judo training session at the Top Athletic School in St. Petersburg.

Reuters Photo: Ria Novosti
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Racing Russian in an F1

With yet another masculine symbol of speed and power, a car from the Renault Formula One team, Putin looks to be the ultimate master. He test-drove it at a racing track in the Leningrad Region.

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