Video fuels rumor North Korea's first lady gave birth

South Korea media are frenzied over speculation that there may be a new baby in the Kim dynasty. Ri Sol Ju, North Korea's first lady, was noticeably slimmer after appearing to be pregnant in December.

SEOUL, South Korea  — The seemingly pregnant belly sported by the wife of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in mid-December appeared to be gone by New Year's Day.

That's sent South Korean media into a frenzy of speculation that there's a new baby in the ruling Kim dynasty.

Video broadcast Dec. 17 showed Ri Sol Ju wearing a billowing black dress that covered what appeared to be a swollen belly.

Video fuels rumors that North Korea's first lady gave birth: Ri Sol Ju, left, appears pregnant in this December ceremony. IMAGEAP Photo, File

Rumors swept Seoul and Pyongyang that she was pregnant, although it was difficult to tell for sure from the images. There has been no official word from Pyongyang.

But Ri was shown by state TV at a New Year's concert wearing a tighter dress and looking noticeably slimmer. That's causing more speculation in Seoul that she may have given birth.

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