US Marines take part in a jungle survival exercise

Drinking snake blood among the survival skills learned in the tropical Thai jungle.

One-hundred U.S. and Thai soldiers swapped survival skills in a tropical forest at a Thai naval base 90 miles of Bangkok. Thai soldiers showed U.S. Marines how to catch a cobra with their bare hands, how to find water in the jungle as well as drinking snake blood to survive.

"[The taste of snake blood was] terrible, really terrible, but it is a good experience. It's something I can always tell my grandchildren about," said Marine Second Lieutenant Ted Powers

The exercise is intended to teach soldiers how to distinguish between different kinds of jungle plants and animals that can be eaten in time of need, as well as how to survive in a tropical forest in general.

Seven nations – the U.S. Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia – took part in the biggest joint military exercise in Asia, along with several observer nations, including Myanmar. The even involves roughly 13, 000 military personnel.

Thailand has hosted the annual exercise since 1982.


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