US donates $34 million to UN plan to help Syrian refugees

The US donation of $34 million to aid Syrian refugees doesn't bring the UN's fund even halfway to its $836 million goal to help the 2.5 million in the war-torn nation.

GENEVA — The United States has donated $34 million to help Syrian refugees, boosting a UN plan to provide $836 million in aid.

But even with Friday's donation, UN officials say the plan remains less than 50 percent funded.

The wide gap between what's needed and what's pledged in the war-torn nation just added to the gloom at a UN gathering in Geneva of hundreds of aid officials to discuss Syria's dire needs.

So far, reaching all 2.5 million in Syria who need help seems impossible.

Radhouane Nouicer, the UN's regional aid coordinator for Syria, told reporters the suffering among Syrians will just keep growing as long as fighters "do not respect the neutrality and the impartiality" of aid workers.