Python takes a ride on Qantas airplane's wing

Passengers rooted for the snake to hold on during its "life and death struggle" in nearly 200-mile-per-hour winds.

When a passenger on a Qantas flight to Papua New Guinea spotted a 10-foot scrub python, no one believed her at first.

"There's a snake on the wing," she reportedly told the cabin crew. "There's its head and if you look closely you can see a fraction of its body."

Once the cabin crew took a look, they confirmed that the large python was indeed flying with them on the wing.

Another passenger on the plane, Robert Weber, told the Sydney Morning Herald that while passengers in the front of the plane were oblivious to the python, "passengers at the back were all totally focused on the snake and how it might have got onto the aircraft."

"There was no panic. At no time did anyone stop to consider that there might be others on board," Weber said.

Video of the python on the plane's wing
The snake was tucked away in a "cravass on the wing," but then the wind caught the last bit of its tail, "pulling him straight out," Weber said.

According to the Herald, that was when everyone watched as the focus of the flight became "a life and death struggle for the snake."

"I felt quite sad for it, really," Weber said. "For the remainder of the flight, he was trying to pull himself back into the plane, even though he was fighting against (over 200 mph) winds. The cabin crew told us that at cruising altitude, it was minus 12 degrees outside — but not even that was able to finish him."

As the winds battered the snake, it eventually lost its struggle.

"Until we landed, I looked out the window and the thing was still moving," Weber said.

The snake may have made its way to the wing through the landing bay, ultimately moving into the trailing ledge flap.

For more images of the snake and the passengers on the plane, take a look at the Sydney Morning Herald.

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