KFC smuggled into Gaza from Egypt at triple the cost

A service in Egypt will deliver KFC to the Gaza Strip through underground smuggling tunnels.

Angels fly on chicken wings in the disputed Gaza Strip.

The tunnels between Gaza Strip and Egypt are being used to carry comfort to Palestinians in the form of KFC. The Colonel's crunchy chicken wings go for triple the price in Gaza and have to be smuggled in underground, The Christian Science Monitor reported.

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But people are willing to pay. According to the Monitor, a company called al-Yamama offers KFC meals for $30 that take three hours to deliver from about 35 miles away in al-Arish, Egypt.

Al-Yamama's Facebook page advertises the service and shows several mouthwatering photos of the cuisine it’s willing to smuggle into Gaza, from single buckets of chicken to entire meals complete with fries and dinner rolls.

The page has more than 3,300 likes on Facebook. According to the Monitor, al-Yamama gets tens of orders every week.

The Colonel's secret recipe isn’t the only thing sneaking through the tunnels between Egypt and Gaza. With Israel restricting imports, the tunnels have become a conduit for everything from boats to KFC buckets to weapons, the Monitor reported.

The Monitor said Israel has backed off on some restrictions lately, but the chicken business is apparently still booming. Still, it may not last long. The Monitor reported that the ease on some restrictions has made it cheaper to move goods into Gaza, threatening the viability of smuggling in KFC.

Al-Yamama's website doesn’t prominently display its KFC services. The site bills the company as a logistics service for fields including transportation and delivery.

KFC smuggled into Gaza: al-Yamama's Facebook pageFacebook: Al-Yamama