Iran company aims for record with largest tub of ice cream

Choopan Dairy of Iran hopes to set a new Guinness world record with 5 tons of chocolate ice cream.

TEHRAN, Iran — An Iranian confectioner has made 5 tons of ice cream in hopes of setting a new world record for the largest tub of the dessert.

Iran company aims for ice cream record: An Iranian woman eats ice cream during a ceremony Monday in Tehran, Iran. IMAGEAP Photo: Ebrahim Noroozi

The production drew hundreds of eager spectators to a ceremony north of the capital to taste the chocolate ice cream, which measured 5 feet by 7 feet and which producers say cost over $30,000 to make.

Board Member Mohammad Baheri of Choopan Dairy said the company aimed to register a new Guinness world record and also boost Iranian ice cream consumption.

A Guinness World Records representative visited the tub, he added.

Iranians eat an average 3.3. pounds of ice cream per year. The current record belongs to U.S. producer Baskin-Robbins, which made a 4.4-ton tub in 2005.


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