Hundreds of Danish moms stage breast-feeding protest

A Danish woman organized a public breast-feeding protest that drew hundreds of other mothers after customers at a café objected to her suckling her baby.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Hundreds of Danish mothers held a breast-feeding protest outside Copenhagen's City Hall after customers at a café told a woman suckling her baby in public that it was disgusting.

Monday's protest was organized to promote public breast-feeding by mother Trine Maria Larsen, who said she was approached by customers at the café. She told the Politiken newspaper that some had likened public breast-feeding to "going to the toilet while eating."

Public breast-feeding in Nordic countries is common, but Larsen, a Danish blogger, said there have been growing complaints about breast-feeding at restaurants and cafés, and she organized the event to urge them not to ban it on their premises.

Danish medical officials recommend that mothers breast-feed their babies for at least six months.

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