Grenade kills 2 in Kenyan refugee camp

Attack to the world’s largest refugee camp comes after Kenya stopped allowing refugees into urban areas.

ISIOLO, Kenya – Two people were killed Friday by a hand grenade thrown at men chewing narcotic leaf inside the world's largest refugee camp near Kenya's border with Somalia, a local government official said.

The men targeted were chewing khat, a mild narcotic plant popular among Somalis, in the early evening in a restaurant in the Dadaab camp, according to District Commissioner Albert Kimathi.

"Two people are dead. We are yet to establish the motive of the attack and no arrests have been made so far," Kimathi said.

Bombings, shootings and grenade attacks across the country, blamed by many Kenyans on Somali militants, prompted the government last month to stop registering asylum seekers and refugees in urban areas.

A Kenyan official said more than 100,000 refugees must now head to Dadaab in the country's remote east. Amnesty International said the government order breached international law.

Violence has surged in Kenya, the region's biggest economy, since Nairobi sent troops into Somalia more than a year ago, raising fears of insecurity ahead of a general election in March.

Dadaab is home to nearly half a million refugees, the vast majority of them Somalis who have fled more than two decades of war and famine.

Reporting by Abdisalan Ahmed


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