$856 for square watermelon you can't even eat?

Square-shaped watermelons grown in Japan are fetching hundreds of dollars in Russia.

A Moscow shop assistant says some wealthy Russians are buying square Japanese watermelons "just for fun" — not to eat — at a cost of $856.

Japanese-grown watermelons shaped like a square are fetching a pretty penny in Russia.

The novelty fruit has been selling recently at high-end Moscow supermarkets for $856, according to news reports.

In Japan, many people give melons as presents during ochugen, the midyear gift-giving season.

The square melons are grown by farmers in Kagawa Prefecture and get their distinct shape from the plastic containers in which they are grown, according to BBC News.

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The odd-shaped fruits are intended only as decorations and not for consumption. They're harvested before ripening for export to Russia.

A shop assistant at a retail store in Moscow told Russian news agency Interfax that a few wealthy customers had recently purchased the high-priced melons "just for fun," according to The Moscow Times.

You can see more pictures of odd-shaped Japanese watermelons here.

Perfectly shaped fruit are highly prized in Japan as gifts and as status symbols. In May, two premium-grade cantaloupes sold for a whopping 1.6 million yen, or $15,800, at auction.


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