Dennis Rodman claims Kim Jong Un has a daughter

In a recent interview following his visit to North Korea, retired basketball star Dennis Rodman mentioned that autocratic leader Kim Jong Un has a new baby daughter.

After Dennis Rodman's impromptu visit to North Korea late last month, the retired basketball star and bizarre pop culture anomaly was gushing with praise for the country and its autocratic leader Kim Jong Un, who, along with his now-deceased father, Kim Jong Il, has been labeled as one of the worst human rights offenders of the 21st century.

Among the details Rodman shared about the closed-off nation were that Kim's an ordinary guy who likes basketball and music and has no penchant for wrongdoing or world destruction.

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In an interview with The Sun that ran this week, Rodman might have let another detail slip: Kim and his wife Ri Sol Ju secretly have a baby daughter.

"She (Ri) kept talking about their beautiful baby daughter," mentioned Rodman, who also acknowledged in the same interview that he was sworn to secrecy on other issues like if Kim's toilets were made of gold.

Dennis Rodman: Kim Jong Un has a daughter

Dennis Rodman: Kim Jong Un has a daughter
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Since December of last year, the Koreas have been abuzz with speculation about possible progeny after Ri was spotted around Christmas wearing an unusually loose-fitting dress over what appeared to be a bulging belly. By New Year's Day, Ri seemed to slim down, which sent South Korean media into a frenzy. While South Korean officials have reported that Ri gave birth, no confirmation has come from the North.

Michael Madden, editor the North Korea Leadership Watch, told the Washington Free Beacon that the North Korean government would have made an announcement if Kim and Ri had given birth to a boy, who would be seen as a viable candidate to succeed Kim.


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