Deadly Typhoon Usagi floods China, Philippines

MSN News | Reuters Photo: Chance Chan
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Typhoon tidal waves thrill tourists

A powerful typhoon that slammed into southern China with winds that blew cars off the road has caused dozens of deaths. See gallery

Typhoon Usagi, the season's strongest storm at its peak, forced hundreds of flight cancellations and shut down shipping and train lines before weakening to a tropical depression over the southern Chinese province of Guangdong Monday.

China said 25 deaths occurred in Guangdong, where the typhoon made landfall late Sunday near Shanwei with record sustained winds of 109 mph.

On Saturday the storm had been a super typhoon when it passed between Taiwan and the Philippines, sparing both of them the brunt of the winds. However, Philippine officials said eight people were dead from drowning and landslides, and Taiwan authorities reported nine people hurt by falling trees.

In this photo: Visitors take pictures of tidal waves under the influence of Typhoon Usagi in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, Sept. 22.

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AP Photo: Jun Dumaguing
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Soldiers rescue flood victims

Soldiers rescue trapped residents at Subic township, northwest of Manila, Philippines, on Sept. 23 following flooding caused by Typhoon Usagi.

AP Photo: Bullit Marquez
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Flooded Philippines street

Residents use a small boat for transport through a flooded street at suburban Quezon City, northeast of Manila, on Sept. 23 following heavy rains brought about by Typhoon Usagi. In the Philippines, parts of the capital remained submerged Monday and school classes were cancelled.

AP Photo: Vincent Yu
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Passengers stranded

Passengers  wait at airline counters at Hong Kong's airport on Sept. 23. The year's most powerful typhoon slammed into southern China, forcing hundreds of flight cancellations, shutting down shipping and train lines and killing dozens of people. The typhoon wreaked havoc on airport schedules in Hong Kong, nearby Macau and mainland China, upsetting travel plans for many passengers who were returning home at the end of the three-day mid-autumn festival.

AP Photo: Bullit Marquez
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Residents wade through flooded street

Residents wade through a flooded street full of floating garbage at suburban Quezon City, northeast of Manila , on Sept. 23, following heavy rains brought about by Typhoon Usagi.

AP Photo: Bullit Marquez
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Businesses struggle with floods

A flooded store in Quezon City on Sept. 23

Reuters Photo: Bobby Yip
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Many trees down

A man walks under fallen branches in a residential district of Hong Kong after Typhoon Usagi hit.

Reuters Photo: Chance Chan
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China slammed with tidal waves

People react after being hit by a tidal wave in Hangzhou, China, on Sept. 21.

AP Photo: Vincent Yu
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Strong winds test umbrellas

Tourists from mainland China brave strong winds near the waterfront in Hong Kong on Sept. 22.The year's most powerful typhoon had Hong Kong in its crosshairs on Sunday after sweeping past the Philippines and Taiwan and pummeling island communities with heavy rains and fierce winds.

AP Photo: Vincent Yu
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Dark clouds loom over Hong Kong

Dark clouds hang low over Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor on Sept. 22.

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