Bank clerk falls asleep on keyboard, transfers millions to customer

A German court has ruled that the clerk's supervisor – who was fired over the incident – should simply have been reprimanded for the mistake.

Falling asleep on a keyboard usually just causes inadvertent typos, but it led to a $293 million error by one really tired bank clerk.

The clerk at a German bank had been making a payment of 64.20 euros when he fell asleep at his computer with his finger on the No. 2 key, which caused a transfer of 222,222,222.22 euros, the Metro reported.

The clerk's supervisor was fired for allegedly missing the erroneous transfer, which Metro reported cost the bank millions of euros.

Another employee noticed it later and corrected it.

The supervisor fought her dismissal and a German court sided with the 48-year-old woman, ruling that she should simply have been reprimanded for the mistake since she had already checked 812 documents for errors that day, getting only a few seconds to go over each, the BBC reported.

The court has asked the bank, which has not been named in media reports, to reinstate the supervisor.


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