Baby bump for N. Korea's first lady? State TV video suggests so

Rumors that North Korea's first couple may be expecting a baby are quietly winding their way through the populace, though there's no official confirmation of a pregnancy.

PYONGYANG, North Korea  — The wife of North Korea's young leader might be pregnant, judging by video that shows her with what appears to be a baby bump.

In the video aired on state TV, Ri Sol Ju is shown walking slowly next to her husband, Kim Jong Un, at the mausoleum where his late father's body was unveiled Monday.

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There is no official word from Pyongyang about a pregnancy. On the video, Ri is shown wearing a billowing traditional Korean dress in black that makes it difficult to know for sure.

North Koreans are reluctant to discuss details of the Kim family that have not been released by the state. Still there are rumors even in Pyongyang about whether the country's first couple is expecting.

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