5 killed in Ukraine airplane crash

An Antonov 24 turboprop with 45 people onboard crashed during landing in thick fog near Donetsk, Ukraine.

KIEV – At least five people were killed when an airplane carrying 45 passengers and crew crash-landed in thick fog in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk on Wednesday night, Interfax news agency said. In addition to the fatalities, 12 others were injured.

The plane overshot the runway at Donetsk airport as it attempted to execute an emergency landing and broke up, the emergencies ministry, quoted by Interfax news agency, said

The twin-engined Antonov turboprop was bringing 45 passengers and crew on a charter flight from the Black Sea coastal city of Odessa to Donetsk. Most of them were fans looking forward to attending a Champions League clash between the Ukrainian home team Shakhtar and Germany's Borussia Dortmund.

Andriy Shyshatsky, head of Donetsk's regional administration speaking before a fifth dead was confirmed, said the majority of passengers had been saved.

"One person is visible in the wreckage, but we don't yet know whether he is alive or not. We are searching for one other person," Shyshatsky told journalists.

An airport source quoted by Interfax said a stewardess who had been at the rear of the plane was unaccounted for.

A minute of silence was observed for the dead at the start of the Champions League match.

There was no immediate word on why the flight crew had had to make an emergency landing. But a survivor of the crash, quoted by Interfax, said there had been a fire on board which had been brought under control.

This was not immediately confirmed by officials.


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