Woman with one arm saves drowning 4-year-old

The heroic act of a woman missing an arm saved a young Georgia girl from drowning the day before her fourth birthday.

The family of a 4-year-old Georgia girl is looking for the woman who rescued her from a near-drowning incident at a lake outside Atlanta Saturday.

Caylee Brumlow of Bartow County, Ga., was celebrating her birthday on a beach with her family when she went missing, according to WXIA-TV.

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Her brother spotted her being held "barely above water" by a woman with one arm in Allatoona Lake, according to the TV station.

Caylee's dad, Corey Brumlow, immediately dived into the water and pulled her to shore.

"I dove out into the water as fast as I could. I swam out and got her, and I told the lady that that was my daughter," Corey Brumlow told WSBTV.

Caylee wasn't breathing at first, but started vomiting water after her dad turned her over.

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Brumlow was able to hug the woman who saved his daughter and thank her, but he wants another opportunity to express his gratitude for the heroic deed.

The only problem: He doesn't know her name.

"As soon as she walked up, she put her arm around my neck and we hugged and kind of shared a 'thank you'-type embrace and I never saw her again," he told WXIA-TV.

Brumlow told MSN News that the family didn't want to be interviewed about the incident but called Caylee's rescuer "an angel."

"I believe she was God's gift to my family," he said.

Brumlow wants the woman to reach out to him via his Facebook page.


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