Wife pleads with Obama for leniency for husband who sold marijuana

Molly Davies' husband faces 10 years in prison for distributing medical marijuana in California. She wrote to the president Monday to ask for his help.

The wife of a man facing 10 years or more in prison for selling medical marijuana appealed to President Barack Obama for leniency Monday.

Matthew Davies owned a medical marijuana dispensary in Sacramento, Calif., where medical marijuana is legal — under state law. According to the New York Times, Davies has no criminal record and claims he followed California state law in setting up and running his business, Medizen.

That did not stop federal prosecutors from indicting Davies and others involved in his business last July for manufacturing marijuana, according to the Huffington Post. Marijuana — medical or recreational — is still illegal under federal law, which in many cases trumps state law.

The Huffington Post reported that Davies faces a mandatory minimum of five years in prison, and that prosecutors have threatened a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence if he chooses not to plead guilty. He is scheduled to appear in court Jan. 18.

Now, his wife, Molly Davies, is asking the president for help.

In a letter to President Obama posted by Molly Davies on the Huffington Post's website, she wrote, "My husband is not a criminal and shouldn't be treated like one. … Yet even though Matt took great pains to follow state and local law, he is currently facing a severe prison sentence. This all seems so surreal."

According to the Huffington Post, Obama said last month that his administration was not interested in prosecuting recreational marijuana users in Washington and Colorado, where the drug has become legal, because there were "bigger fish to fry."

"My husband is not the 'bigger fish to fry,'" Molly wrote. "Please drop this case and put an end to our family’s nightmare."

A call to Matt Davies' lawyer, Elliot Peters, was not immediately returned.


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