What are US presidents' favorite foods?

President Barack Obama may like broccoli, but vegetables aren't high on the list of the other recent presidents.

Obama loves broccoli but George H.W. Bush loathes it. What are other U.S. presidents' favorite foods? Vegetables aren't high on the list.

Whether the public believes him, President Barack Obama told a student reporter this week that his favorite food is — drumroll — broccoli, the same verdant victual that former President George H.W. Bush said in 1990 he reviled.

Here are the favorite foods of some recent presidents:

Barack Obama

While Obama may have admitted to being a broccoli lover this week, he also has a fondness for Planter's trail mix, Fran's chocolates and Fran's smoked sea salt caramel, according to Food Timeline. He's also apparently quite smitten with Honest Tea's Black Forest Berry tea.

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George W. Bush

According to former White House chef Walter Scheib, George and Laura Bush were fond of biscuits, chicken pot pie and pea soup. George, Scheib disclosed, also enjoyed peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

Bill Clinton

Clinton liked a slew of homemade dishes — chicken enchiladas, lemon chess pie, his mom's sweet potato casserole — but he also had a weakness for fast food, namely McDonald's hamburgers and Egg McMuffins, according to The New York Times.

George H.W. Bush

He may have told reporters in 1990 that he was done eating broccoli, but the former president reportedly loved hot sauce, sprinkling the condiment on everything from eggs to pork rinds. Keep in mind he also said he loathed brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower.

Ronald Reagan

Reagan was a jelly bean fanatic, preferring licorice-flavored ones , but his tastes also included broiled swordfish, veal osso bucco and lentil soup with frankfurters.

Jimmy Carter

The Georgia boy loved Southern staples such as grits and corn bread, but he also enjoyed vegetables, especially eggplant.

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