We want to salute your hero

Help MSN honor Veterans Day. Send us pictures of your own personal hero.

We want to salute your hero.

Veterans Day is that annual moment when America comes together to honor those who have served. We want our photo gallery to be your gallery as the United States salutes every veteran for their service on Sunday.

We hope you’ll participate. Share with us the image that best illustrates your personal hero. Send us a snapshot with Instagram and use the hashtag #MSNVets in your photo caption. We’ll pick some of our favorite shots to appear on our site. 

*Using the hashtag #MSNVets means that you have permission to send the photo to us (you took it, and you have the necessary permission from any other people in the photo) and you grant Microsoft a non-exclusive worldwide perpetual license to use, reproduce, and distribute the photos on MSN websites (you still own the photo, not Microsoft).


Contributors: To help you find your loved one, we've created a number of slideshows: