Water issues plague new LAX international terminal

Some planes at Los Angeles International Airport have been forced to use water from bottles or tanker trucks as water at the gates is contaminated.

LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles International Airport is dealing with brown, contaminated water at its international terminal, which is undergoing renovations.

The Los Angeles Times reports Saturday that airplanes parking at five of the terminal's gates haven't been able to replenish their drinking water because of bacteria, copper, brass and rust from the building's plumbing.

Water inside the terminal isn't affected.

The planes have been forced to use bottled water or transport water from other terminals using water tankers.

That can cause flight delays.

Officials for Los Angeles World Airports say they've been dealing with the problem for two weeks and they originally shut off water to all 13 gates. It's now limited to five gates.

The city is spending $4 billion on airport renovations, including an expansion of the international terminal.


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