The people involved in the David Petraeus scandal

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Gen. Petraeus scandal: Cast of characters

Here are the players in the David petraeus scandal See gallery

The unexpected resignation of acclaimed former Army general and CIA Director David Petraeus over an extramarital affair and a new investigation of his successor, Gen. John Allen, resembles a soap opera. In order to understand the dynamics of the case, we’ve broken down the cast of characters.

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David Petraeus: The former CIA Director

Sept., 6, 2011: General Petraeus became CIA director after gaining prominence during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Find his bio.

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Paula Broadwell: Petraeus’ former mistress

November 2011: Petraeus began an affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell. According to the Washington Post, she had been a Harvard University researcher when she first began working with Petraeus in 2009 and had never written a book. See photos of them together.

Broadwell is married to Scott Broadwell, and they are parents to two young sons. See photos of the couple.

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Jill Kelley: The Florida socialite

May 2012: Jill Kelley, the woman who helped spark the FBI investigation, has been described as a Petraeus family friend and married Florida socialite (see a photo of her and her doctor husband). According to some reports, Kelley was not having an affair with Petraeus. But in May, she received several harassing anonymous emails, that some reports say accused her of having an affair. Kelley asked a friend in the FBI for help.

Summer 2012: The FBI learned that Broadwell had sent the emails to Kelley and also found emails sent by Broadwell and Petraeus that revealed their affair, which they ended in July.

Fall 2012: The FBI interviewed both Broadwell and Petraeus, who admitted to the affair. Because it was determined to be a private issue and not a national security concern or criminal matter, congressional intelligence committees weren’t notified of the investigation.

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Eric Cantor: The whistleblower

October 2012: After receiving a tip about the probe into the Petraeus-Broadwell affair on Oct. 27, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor tells FBI Director Robert Mueller’s chief of staff, Aaron Zebley, about the investigation on Oct. 31.

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James Clapper: Director of National Intelligence

Last week, Clapper advised Petraeus to resign and notified the White House of his conversation.

See Clapper and Petraeus together.

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Gen. John Allen: U.S. Commander in Afghanistan

On Tuesday, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta revealed the Pentagon was investigating possibly inappropriate emails exchanged between Gen. John Allen and Jill Kelley, the same woman who had received the harassing emails from Paula Broadwell.

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Judy Smith: High-profile PR consultant

Jill Kelley hired Judy Smith, a high-profile crisis management PR consultant known as “The Fixer,” to help manage the crisis. According to the Washington Post, her clients include:

She’s so well known that ABC’s show “Scandal” (watch clips from the show) is based around her life as a PR crisis manager in DC. See a clip of her discussing the case on “The Daily Show.”