Shoplifting suspect's wife: He didn't have to die

Vidal Calloway died after a security guard at a Georgia Wal-Mart put him in a choke hold.

ATLANTA — The wife of a shoplifting suspect who died after a fight with security outside a suburban Atlanta Wal-Mart says she thinks store employees used too much force to subdue him.

Fatimah Calloway said Tuesday her estranged husband Vidal Calloway didn't deserve to die over the Blu-Ray DVD players he was accused of stealing.

A police report says Vidal Calloway was wrestled to the ground Sunday by three store employees. One of them, a security guard, put Calloway into a choke hold and told Calloway to tap when he couldn't breathe.

Detectives are awaiting autopsy results to determine how Calloway died.

Wal-Mart Inc. says two workers were suspended with pay and the security guard will no longer work at the store.