Severe storms cross country

AP Photo: David Coates
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A firefighter's best friend

A massive storm slammed the Southeast Wednesday, tearing through Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee, before heading north Thursday. At least two people were killed in the Southeast, where cars were overturned and property damaged. In the north, ice and snow caused a massive pileup in Detroit, Mich., Thursday that killed three people. See gallery

A firefighter holds a dog as emergency personnel respond to massive pileups on Interstate 75 in Detroit Thursday.

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AP Photo: Paul Sancya
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Interstate pileup

A series of accidents in the Detroit area Thursday left at least three people dead and 20 injured on a mile-long stretch of southbound Interstate 75. More than two dozen vehicles, including tractor-trailers, were involved in pileups caused by icy conditions and strong storms.

AP Photo: Paul Sancya
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Car hauler wrecked

A car hauler on Interstate 75 was wrecked Thursday by severe storms that hit Detroit and the Midwest and cut through the Southeast. Snow squalls and slippery roads contributed to the accident.

Reuters: Tami Chapell
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Destroyed truck

A destroyed truck lies in the road in Adairsville, Ga., after a tornado passed through. The tornado was one of several sparked across the Southeast by an Arctic cold front that clashed with warm air and produced severe weather.

Reuters: Tami Chappell
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Daiki plant

The tornado that ripped up Adairsville, Ga., destroyed the Daiki Corporation building. Tornadoes were reported in four states and blamed for two deaths, including one in Adairsille.

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Curfew after storm

A Bartow County law enforcement officer warns Rick Welsh, 63, that the area of Adairsville, Ga., is under curfew due to the severe storms that passed through.

AP Photo: WSB TV
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Tornado tears through Georgia

A tornado is caught on video tearing through Adairsville, Ga., Wednesday. A fire chief said a storm that roared across northwest Georgia left overturned vehicles on Interstate 75 northwest of Atlanta, and crews are responded to reports of people trapped in storm-damaged buildings.

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AP Photo: WSB TV
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Tractor trailer overturned

The tornado that ripped through Adairsville, Ga., left vehicles like this tractor trailer overturned on Interstate 75 near Atlanta.

AP Photo: Kristin M. H
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Buildings destroyed

A man inspects the destruction from a tornado that ripped apart the third floor of a building in Mount Juliet, Tenn. Forecasters examined the tornado's damage path of 4.6 miles Wednesday morning and estimated the peak wind speed at 115 mph, qualifying it as an EF-2 twister.

AP Photo: Butch Dill
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Searching the rubble

Ronnie Shanes picks through what remains of his brother's home in Coble, Tenn. Thousands of homes were damaged in the storm, which brought hail, blackouts, high winds and at least one tornado to the Southeast.

AP Photo: Butch Dill
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Clearing the debris

Hickman County Sheriff Cody Woods helps remove debris from a house in Coble, Tenn., damaged by the storm. The fierce line of storms pushed eastward, causing more than 10,000 blackouts in Georgia alone as of Wednesday afternoon.

AP Photo: David Goldman
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Cars flipped on interstate

A vehicle lies in the road, overturned by the storm and tornado that passed through Georgia. The system is being blamed for one death in Georgia and another in Tennessee.

AP Photo: Butch Dill
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Residents examine the destruction

Residents search the remains of houses and other buildings after a storm ripped through Coble, Tenn. Reports on Wednesday said more than 100 cars were flipped over by the storm.