Rainbow flag painted on house across from Westboro Baptist Church

A nonprofit has bought a house across from the anti-gay church and turned it into a gay-rights center, complete with a rainbow flag.

The Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., might have finally met its match.

The church, which is known for its extreme ideologies and anti-gay views, now has a neighbor swathed in the rainbow colors of the gay pride flag.

Nonprofit Planting Peace bought a house across from the church – notorious for its "God Hates Fags" and "God Hates America" slogans – and decided to turn it into a gay rights center.

The house – which has been named "Equality House" – even has a pride flag flying from a 30-foot pole.

This Twitter video gives a good idea of the proximity of the house to the church.

Planting Peace has been documenting the painting on its Facebook page, and uploaded pictures of the house after the painting was completed Tuesday to show off the finished product.

Judging from the responses they have received so far, most people like the bright colors.

According to messages posted on Facebook by Planting Peace, Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps' daughter, Shirley, also likes the colors.

Rainbow House: Aaron Jackson and Josef Miles at Equality House. IMAGECourtesy: Planting Peace

"Shirley Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church just waved & said she loved the colors... So we all blew her kisses," wrote Planting Peace.

Some said that the church would likely file a lawsuit against Planting Peace, though it wasn't clear what the pretext would be.

But Planting Peace posted a message around 6:30 p.m. EST saying that the City of Topeka released a statement saying that the house had not violated any city ordinances.

"The Equality House is here to stay!" it wrote.

Planting Peace's founder Aaron Jackson told MSN News Wednesday that people were calling from all over the world to talk about the house.

"The response has been incredible," Jackson said. "We had no idea we would impact people this way."

An online fundraiser for Equality House says the center wants to combat the Westboro Baptist Church's "messages of hate" by supporting equality and anti-bullying initiatives.

Past initiatives of Planting Peace include building orphanages in Haiti and India as well as de-worming children in Guatemala.

Jackson told the Kansas City Fox affiliate that a small team of volunteers had painted the house.

"People keep coming out, honking horns, taking pictures,” he said. “There has been no negative response."

Local artist Wendy Prentice volunteered as the project's "color connoisseur."

Jackson said that he became interested in equality after he read the story of 9-year-old Josef Miles, who countered Westboro Baptist Church protesters last year who were carrying signs that read "

God Hates Fags" with his own little sign, which read, "God Hates No One."

Activists paint rainbow on house near anti-gay church

Activists paint rainbow on house near anti-gay church
Duration: 0:56 Views: 3k MSN News/Newsy

"I wanted to know where the church was located," Jackson said. He stumbled on the location of Westboro Baptist Church while surfing on Google Earth one night.

"I found a 'For Sale' sign sitting on a house across from it and immediately decided to buy it," Jackson said. "I knew right away that I was going to paint it in the colors of the rainbow flag and fight for equality."

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