Please stop frying eggs on road, Death Valley park asks

As temperatures reach record highs in Death Valley, park employees are asking visitors to stop frying eggs and leaving a mess behind them.

At Death Valley National Park, a YouTube video has led to a rash of tourists trying to fry eggs on the ground, and it's a mess for maintenance crews.

Death Valley National Park has a message for tourists: Do as I say, not as I do.

The reminder comes after one employee at the scorching-hot California park unintentionally sparked a trend that's rankling her fellow staff members.

The employee posted a video on the park's official YouTube channel in late June demonstrating how to cook an egg on a skillet using only the sun for heat. Her experiment in nearly 133-degree temperatures (Death Valley temperatures have reached record highs this summer) worked, and the video picked up heat online, garnering more than 312,000 views as of Thursday morning.

Impressed by the experiment, hordes of visitors to Death Valley began attempting to cook eggs on the ground — sometimes with skillets, sometimes without — leaving behind a mess of eggshells. The newly inspired egg chefs aren't appreciated at the park, which, like many others, has a "leave no trace" policy.

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On June 2, to combat the new egg scourge, administrators took to the national park's Facebook page to ask visitors to dispose of their waste if they're keen on frying eggs on park grounds.

"An employee's posting of frying an egg in a pan in Death Valley was intended to demonstrate how hot it can get here, with the recommendation that if you do this, use a pan or tin foil and properly dispose of the contents," an administrator wrote. "However, the Death Valley NP maintenance crew has been busy cleaning up eggs cracked directly on the sidewalk, including egg cartons and shells strewn across the parking lot.

"This is your national park. Please put trash in the garbage or recycle bins provided and don’t crack eggs on the sidewalks, or the Salt Playa at Badwater," the administrator added.


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