NY appeals court hears arguments in Astor case

Court could determine whether Brooke Astor's 88-year-old son Anthony Marshall could go to prison.

NEW YORK — A New York City appeals court is considering arguments that could determine whether philanthropist Brooke Astor's 88-year-old son goes to prison.

There was no immediate ruling following the arguments made Thursday in Manhattan in the case of Anthony Marshall. He was convicted in 2009 of exploiting his mother's mental frailty to plunder her $200 million fortune.

Astor was 105 and had Alzheimer's disease when she died in 2007.

Marshall says he had legal permission for the financial decisions he made for his mother. He says she was mentally competent when she changed her will.

He also argues that the trial judge did not sufficiently explore a juror's claim that she felt intimidated during deliberations.

Marshall was sentenced to one to three years in prison. He's free during his appeal.

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