Man's $10 silver certificate is worth $500,000

The North Africa series of U.S. Silver Certificates, $10 shown here, was issued to the United States Armed Forces in Europe and North Africa during World War II. A Philly man has a valuable $10 silver certificate from 1933.

Pennsylvania's Billy Baeder has already turned down a $300,000 offer for his 1933 silver certificate.

ROYERSFORD, Pa. — A suburban Philadelphia man has perhaps the most valuable ten-spot you'll ever see.

Thirty-nine-year-old Billy Baeder, of Royersford, owns a 1933 $10 silver certificate that an auctioneer says is worth at least a half-million dollars.

The bill bears an unusual inscription, "Payable in silver coin to bearer on demand," and has the serial number "A00000001A." It is perhaps the most valuable bill printed since 1929, when bills were shrunk to their current size.

Baeder told that his late father, also a collector, bought the bill two dozen years ago for about the price of a compact car.

Matthew Quinn, assistant director of currency for auction house Stack's Bowers, says the bill "would easily be worth about $500,000 and up."

Baeder says he's already turned down a $300,000 offer.


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