Maine girl's phone catches fire in her pocket

Gregory Rocco, of Brooklyn, NY, looks at an iPhone 5C on display at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York City.

A school principal in Maine says an eighth-grade student heard a popping sound before her pants caught fire from the phone in her pocket.

KENNEBUNK, Maine — The "stop, drop and roll" mantra came in handy for a Maine eighth-grader when her phone caught fire in her pocket at school.

Kennebunk Middle School Principal Jeff Rodman tells The Portland Press Herald that the girl heard a popping sound Friday morning and smoke started billowing around her.

Boys were herded from the room so the 14-year-old girl could shed her flaming pants. She also did the "stop, drop and roll" move to help put out the fire. She was treated at a hospital.

Her mother had given her the Apple iPhone 5C two months earlier.


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