Homeless man sues parents, says he feels 'unloved'

Bernard Anderson Bey says his parents should pay him $200,000 to make things right.

There's not a whole lotta lovin' going on as far as Bernard Anderson Bey is concerned, and for that, he blames his parents.

The 32-year-old homeless New Yorker is suing his parents for $200,000, saying they raised him poorly and left him "unloved and abandoned."

"I feel this is the best way to make things right," he told the New York Daily News about the lawsuit he filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Bey, who's staying at a downtown Brooklyn homeless shelter, wants his parents to mortgage their share of a Bedford-Stuyvesant home and use the money to buy two Domino's Pizza franchises so the entire family will be gainfully employed, according to the New York Post.

Bey wrote the lawsuit on a laptop in the homeless shelter, the Post reported.

He claims he never got enough affection or support from his parents.

"Our whole family is really poor, and my father doesn't care about the situation," Bey said Wednesday, according to the Post. "I feel unloved and abandoned."

The parents aren't impressed.

"I say go get a job," Bey's mother, Vickie Anderson, told the Daily News. "He's never had a job a day in his life."

"This is someone who's looking for something for nothing," said his father, Bernard Manley, according to the Daily News.

Anderson said she's "done" with her eldest son.

"He’s 32 years old. That speaks for itself. Welcome to America. Everyone in America has the same opportunity. Don’t blame the parents at this point. The choice is yours. You’re an adult," she told the Post.


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