High school class president suspended for negative tweet

A popular Kansas high school senior received a five-day suspension after school officials said he insulted the school's football team on Twitter.

A Wichita, Kan.,  high school class president landed in hot water after sending out what he thought was a harmless tweet earlier this month.

Heights High School senior Wesley Teague wrote on Twitter in early May, "Heights U is equivalent to WSU’s football team."


The message, which school administrators called an insult directed at other student athletes and a form of cyberbullying, earned Teague a five-day suspension, The Wichita Eagle reported.

Teague was implying that the school's football team — which underclassman had proudly nicknamed "Heights U" — was underperforming and similar to Wichita State University's often belittled football program that shut its doors in 1986.

"They were going to be so good at sports that they should be categorized as a university," Teague said about the moniker to KSN.com. "I’m just like that's not true because we weren't very good at sports this year."

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According to school administrators, the tweet led to a confrontation between Teague, who was a member of the school's track team, and student athletes, both at school and online.

"Wesley posted some very inappropriate tweets about the Heights athletic teams, aggressively disrespecting many athletes,” a letter sent to Teague's parents by school administrators read. "After reading the tweets and taking statements from other students it was found that Wesley acted to incite the majority of our Heights athletes."

Officials said students who argued with and threatened Teague at school were also suspended.

Teague said he was trying to be "clever" with the Tweet, which he didn’t think would cause a stir.

"It’s a 100 percent truthful tweet and it wasn’t meant to offend a single person or group of people. … I only meant that ‘Heights U’ doesn’t exist because it doesn’t. We’re not a university," he told The Wichita Eagle.

The online quip cost Teague heavily. In addition to the suspension, he was also barred from delivering a speech at a convocation breakfast last week, though he was allowed to join his classmates at graduation yesterday.