Handcuffed Texas suspect makes off with squad car

Sitting in the back of a squad car, the handcuffed man was able to roll down the window, open the door, then take off in the vehicle.

WHITE SETTLEMENT, Texas — Police in North Texas say a handcuffed suspect left alone in the back of a squad car managed to roll down a window, open the door, then steal the vehicle.

Police arrested 41-year-old Darren Porter on Friday on suspicion of breaking in to an antiques shop in White Settlement near Fort Worth.

The window switches in the back of squad cars are supposed to be disabled, but were not in this one. Police Lt. J.P. Bevering says Porter was able to roll down the window, reach out and open the door. Dash cam video from another squad car shows him climbing into the driver's seat and taking off.

Porter remains at large Monday.

Police say they're checking other squad cars to make sure the windows don't open.

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