Gun Appreciation Day removes white supremacist group from sponsors

Gun Appreciation Day organizers have removed a white nationalist group from its list of sponsors after a media report about the association.

Organizers of Gun Appreciation Day say they have disassociated themselves from one of their sponsors after a media organization reported that it was a white supremacist group.

Media Matters published a story about how the white nationalist group American Third Position (A3P) was sponsoring Gun Appreciation Day (GAD).

Event organizers removed A3P from its list of sponsors and released a statement about its decision. The statement said that while GAD attempted to screen out groups "that might detract from the message," they mistakenly missed one. "We have removed the group and reiterate this event is not about racial politics, it is about gun politics," it said.

GAD organizers have been encouraging gun owners and enthusiasts to show up at gun stores across the country on Saturday, two days before the presidential inauguration, to "protest the Obama administration's post-Sandy Hook assault on gun rights."

Gun Appreciation Day, "Chick Fil-a-Style"

Media Matters reported that GAD was partnering with A3P, a political group describing itself as representing "the unique political interests of white Americans." 

Before GAD took them down, A3P was listed on its sponsors page along with its motto ("Liberty. Sovereignty. Identity"). A3P is also promoting GAD on its website, with a link to The Southern Poverty Law Center lists A3P as a white nationalist hate group.

GAD's full statement about its decision:

"The small hard working staff at Political Media, Inc has been working diligently throughout the Gun Appreciation Day Campaign. "The volume of support we have received has been overwhelming. We decided to have an open registration for sponsorship for Gun Appreciation Day put a screening process in place to avoid associating the event or Political Media, Inc. with groups or businesses that might detract from the message.

We mistakenly missed one.

We have removed the group and reiterate this event is not about racial politics, it is about gun politics. We believe in equal rights of ALL Americans in every race, gender, religion, location and economic class to keep and bear arms as guaranteed to them in the Bill of Rights."

GAD also wrote on its Facebook page: "Guys, the screening process of our sponsors was apparently not deep enough — We have corrected the problem, but you should know the left wing media called us out on it as they should have. We know better and I apologize for not catching this ... but we are forging ahead — This is about Gun Liberty for all."


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