Florida student stabbed classmate in hate crime, police say

The attack occurred at Full Sail University when one student stabbed another with what appeared to be a screwdriver, police said.

A college student in Florida has been charged in the stabbing of a classmate in what is being classified as a hate crime, police said.

A Hispanic male student at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Fla., stabbed a black male student in the neck and shoulder multiple times Thursday morning, said Jeff Williamson, a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The weapon "appeared to be a screwdriver," Williamson said.

He said the suspect, identified as 29-year-old Xavier Nunez , was sitting near the back of the class while his alleged victim, whom police did not identify, was sitting in the front.

Williamson said Nunez was heard shouting racial slurs. Nunez has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and was being held in the Orange County Jail.

The victim was treated at the scene and declined to be taken to the hospital.

Williamson said he believes the class was a statistics course with about 42 students, all of whom signed witness statements.

Full Sail University issued a statement that said the school doesn't "tolerate violence or discrimination of any type."

"This isolated incident was diffused quickly and professionally by security and law enforcement and no life-threatening injuries occurred," it said.


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