Entangled dolphin freed off Calif. coast

Lifeguards and SeaWorld animal specialists worked for an hour to free the mammal, which was first spotted in distress by a kayaker near San Diego.

SAN DIEGO — A dolphin that got entangled in a discarded fishing line has been freed after an hourlong rescue effort off San Diego.

Lifeguards and SeaWorld animal specialists located the dolphin in the waters a mile off La Jolla on Friday after a kayaker reported spotting the distressed animal.

They used a pole to gather the 50- to 100-foot line, then snipped it around the dolphin's dorsal fin.

SeaWorld mammal curator Keith Yip told KFMB-TV that the cuts on the fins indicated the line had been rubbing against the 4-foot-long dolphin for weeks. He said the dolphin appeared tired and was probably not able to feed.

Once freed, video shot from a news helicopter showed the young mammal swimming to other dolphins that apparently stayed in the area.


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