Dubious honor of nation's longest commute goes to ...

Passengers purchase train tickets at Grand Central Station in New York.

New Yorkers spend an average of 48 minutes getting to work, which is 13 minutes longer than the average amount of time Americans spend in transit.

NEW YORK — New Yorkers have the longest commute in the nation.

That's according to a report released Tuesday by the Partnership for New York City.

It says New Yorkers on average spend 48 minutes getting to work.

New York City commute: People in New York have the country's longest average commute.Reuters Photo: Carlo Allegri

Taxi driver MD Hasan navigates through heavy traffic  over the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

According to the Daily News, that's 13 minutes longer than the national average.

The report by the nonprofit partnership urged the city to increase its public transportation options.

It says more than half of commuters between Brooklyn and Queens have to drive because of "limited" public transit options.

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