Casino blunder: 2 men named Kevin Lewis win $1 million

Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati where two men named Kevin Lewis were paid $1 million each due to a casino error.

Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati says Kevin L. Lewis and Kevin Lewis will get to keep a $1 million prize even though only one of them was the rightful winner.

It sure paid to be Kevin Lewis at the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati on Saturday evening.

A casino blunder led to two men with the same name each winning a $1 million prize – and both will get to keep the money even though only one of them was the rightful winner.

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According to WCPO-TV, here's how the peculiar turn of events transpired:

The casino was holding the second of three drawings for its $3 million summer giveaway contest, and the name Kevin Lewis was drawn.

An elated Kevin L. Lewis, 52, of Cincinnati, was on hand for the announcement. He hugged his fiancée to celebrate his good fortune.

"When I heard my name I said God finally gave me a big win . . . a lot of screaming and happiness, being at the right place, at the right time," he said, according to WCPO.

It was only after he accepted the prize that casino officials realized a different Kevin Lewis was the rightful winner. That Kevin Lewis, 50, also from Cincinnati, was at home when the winner was announced.


Jennifer Kulczycki, a spokeswoman for Horseshoe Casino's parent company, Rock Game LLC, told WCPO that human error in the two-level verification process resulted in the double giveaway.

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"We drew the name Kevin Lewis and when we drew that person's name we went through the preliminary process, which is a pretty short process, and actually had validated that the Kevin Lewis that came forward was the appropriate person," she told WCPO.

"Through our more extensive verification process that happened after that, we realized that we had made a blunder, and in fact it was the other Kevin Lewis. There are a lot of similarities between these two Kevin Lewises with age and things like that, so it was one of those mistakes that you probably couldn't have scripted if you wanted to."

Casino officials said since they made the error, both Kevin Lewises would be awarded $1 million.

The casino says it is reviewing its contest winner verification procedures so such a mistake doesn't happen again. The third and final $1 million summer drawing is slated for Sept. 1.

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