Boy, 6, writes 'Chocolate Bar' book to help save sick friend

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6-year-old boy raises $30,000 for sick friend

First-grader Dylan Siegel hopes his charitable venture will lead to a cure for his best friend.

To 6-year-old Dylan Siegel of Los Angeles, Jonah Pournazarian is a 1-in-a-million kid. So why not try to raise $1 million for his best friend?

Jonah, 7, has a rare liver condition called glycogen storage disease type 1B, for which there is no cure. The disease affects about 1 in a million people. Dylan is determined to raise money to find a cure, one chocolate bar at a time.

Dylan uses the term "chocolate bar" to mean "awesome." The first-grader has written a 16-page book — titled "Chocolate Bar" — that he hopes will sell enough copies to help his friend.

“I suggested that he set up a lemonade stand,” Dylan's mother, Debra Siegel, told the Jewish Journal, “but he said he wanted to write a book.”

After just two months on the market, sales of the handwritten and illustrated book, along with donated chocolate bars, have raised $30,000, and Dylan's goal is $1 million, Dylan's father, David Siegel, told

"We never dreamed that this was going to happen," David Siegel was quoted as saying. "It’s just struck a nerve and now we don’t want to stop until we've hit our mission."

The 16-page book's first entry reads: "I like to go to Disney Land. That is so Chocolate Bar." It then goes into other "chocolate bar" experiences, including going swimming and to the aquarium. It ends with "I like to help my friends. That is the biggest chocolate bar."

Dylan's charitable venture has gotten a boost from media exposure.

The boys appeared on the CBS television show "The Doctors" last week and have also been the subject of stories on national broadcast and print media.

"Chocolate Bar" has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a YouTube video and an Instagram page.

Donations are also being accepted through a fund at the University of Florida Foundation.


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