Asiana victim killed by rescue vehicle, coroner says

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Asiana passenger killed by vehicle, not crash

Ye Mengyuan, the 16-year-old girl who died after the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214, was killed by injuries consistent with those from being hit by a vehicle.

The teenage girl who died after the July 6 crash of Asiana Flight 214 was killed from blunt trauma injuries consistent with those suffered from being hit by vehicle, the San Mateo coroner announced Friday.

Ye Mengyuan, 16, was alive when she received injuries consistent with motor vehicle contact, Robert J. Foucrault said.

She was badly injured in the crash, then was covered on the runway in flame-retardant foam and hit by a fire truck speeding to the crash site.

Ye was a champion athlete who excelled at literature, playing the piano, singing and public speaking. Her given name means "wish come true" in Chinese.

Ye's close friend Wang Linjia, also 16, was among a group of injured passengers who did not get immediate medical help. Rescuers did not spot her until 14 minutes after the crash. Wang's body was found along with three flight attendants who were flung onto the tarmac.

Cellphone pictures posted online by friends show the two girls dressed in their school's track suit uniforms, smiling and mugging for the cameras. Local media reports said she had recently won a national aerobics competition and routinely received honors at the school's annual speech contests.

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Footage released by state broadcaster CCTV after her death showed Ye playing piano at an event earlier this year, dressed in a polka dot skirt with her hair done up in a neat bun.

This is a developing story. Check back for further details.

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