2 arrested for allegedly threatening Steubenville rape victim

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Two girls arrested for threatening rape victim

WTOV9 reported that two juveniles were arrested for allegedly making threats against the victim in a Steubenville, Ohio, rape case.

Two juvenile girls have been arrested for allegedly threatening the victim in a Steubenville, Ohio, teen rape case.

Steubenville's WTOV9 reported the two girls allegedly made the threats on social media websites. According to WTOV9, they face aggravated menacing charges.

WTRF, a local media outlet, reported the girls would appear Tuesday before a juvenile court judge in Steubenville.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said the girls, ages 15 and 16, were arrested Monday after allegedly posting threatening Facebook and Twitter comments Sunday, the day two high school football players were convicted in Steubenville of the Aug. 12 rape of a 16-year-old girl. DeWine said the girls are being held in juvenile detention after an investigation by state and local authorities. They have not yet been charged.

According to CNN, the girls are both Steubenville residents. Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla told CNN that one of the girls threatened to beat the victim, and another threatened to kill her.

The older girl was charged with aggravated menacing for a tweet that threatened homicide and said "you ripped my family apart," according to the attorney general's office. A Facebook posting allegedly from the younger girl threatened the accuser with bodily harm, leading to a menacing charge, the office said.

DeWine says he hopes the arrests end harassment of the victim.

Speaking to the station, Steubenville police Chief Bill McCafferty said the girls were arrested about 4 p.m. Monday.

On Sunday, a judge sentenced Trent Mays and Ma'Lik Richmond to at least a year in juvenile prison. A grand jury will look into whether others broke the law by not speaking up after the attack.

Associated Press writer Andrew Welsh-Huggins contributed to this report.

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