Time Warner looking to woo back customers with 'The Better Guarantee'

The nation's second-largest cable provider continues to lose cable subscribers to competition, but company executives are hopeful that the new campaign will turn things around.

Consumers shopping for their next TV provider now have another option.

Time Warner Cable is stepping up its efforts to get more business by offering "The Better Guarantee," which promises customers better cable or your money back if you are not satisfied — no long-term contract required.

And if that's not enough to win you over, it also comes with a $200 Visa Reward card.

But the question is: Will the deal be enough to sway new and former customers?

Gregg Fujimoto, Time Warner Cable's new senior vice president of brand strategy and marketing communications for residential services, is confident it will.

"Our customers who left us for some of the newer upstart competition will see the value we are providing them and come back to us," Fujimoto told MSN News.

Time Warner Cable's efforts to woo back former subscribers comes as the company showed a continuing decline in video subscribers, according to fourth-quarter results posted Thursday.

According to StreetAccount data, the company lost 129,000 video subscribers in the latest period. The cable company, which is increasingly relying on Internet services to drive growth, added 75,000 high-speed data subscribers, fewer than the 109,000 subscribers analysts had expected.

Time Warner Cable, the second-largest cable company in the U.S. behind Comcast, has committed nearly $50 million to broadcast, print, online and direct mail advertising that targets a variety of audiences including the Hispanic and Asian demographic.

They have rolled out 30-second "come back" videos featuring real-life testimonials from people who claim they went back to Time Warner Cable because they were impressed by what the company had to offer.

The Better Guarantee campaign is an extension of Time Warner Cable's Enjoy Better brand launched almost a year ago to keep existing subscribers as well as get new ones.

Some of the new ads specifically challenge Verizon FiOS, saying that it hasn't lived up to its monthly savings.

Fujimoto said that Time Warner Cable promises improvements such as smartphone apps, on-demand TV options, better picture quality and shorter windows for home service calls.

"Anyone who left us for the latest shiny object will immediately be able to see how we have been actively improving over the last year," Fujimoto said. He added that the company also wanted to win back "cord cutters," subscribers who left their cable company in favor of Internet TV.

Combination packages for standard TV, basic Internet and unlimited nationwide phone start as low as $89.99 per month for two years. TV packages start at $29.99 per month.

Fujimoto said that although it was too early to say how the new campaign was doing, he was excited by Time Warner Cable's latest approach. "We are promising a better entertainment experience," he said.

On Monday Time Warner Cable announced that it would carry the new Los Angeles Dodgers channel, after outbidding Fox Sports. Earlier this month, it struck a deal with Roku, allowing the cable company’s subscribers to stream up to 300 live television channels via their Roku devices.


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