Study: Ravens fans clumsier than 49ers fans

A study by SquareTrade found that 27 percent of Ravens fans have had a cell phone accident in the past year.

In all the excitement over the big game, don' take your eyes off your phone – especially if you're a Ravens fan.

A new study by phone protection plan-provider SquareTrade found that 23 million Americans damage their cell phones and tablets in the heat of exciting sporting events such as the Super Bowl. And, according to the study, Baltimore Ravens fans tend to be clumsier than San Francisco 49ers fans.

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The study found that Ravens fans are 14 percent clumsier than 49ers fans. The study drew this conclusion after discovering that 27 percent of Ravens fans have had a cell phone accident in the past 12 months compared to just 23 percent for those rooting for the 49ers."

Surprisingly, it was not liquid that posed the most danger to phones, but a standard slip of the hand.

According to the study, 33 percent of cell phone accidents that occurred during sporting events merely involved someone dropping their phone. Liquid drops, including sweat, water spills and the dreaded toilet drop, were the second most likely type of drop, accounting for 18 percent of accidents.

Beer got its own category in the survey. The study found that 13 percent of accidents involved dropping a phone into beer.

Bringing up the fourth and fifth spots were passion drops (12 percent) – as from anger or excitement – and phones falling off of tables or bars (8 percent).

SquareTrade recommends protecting your phone on game day by leaving it in sight but out of reach and not bringing it into the bathroom. SquareTrade also advises fans to "count to ten after all suspect calls or player mistakes."

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