Some Macs will be made in America next year

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that a line of Macintosh computers soon will be made in America, but declined to say which computers or where they would be manufactured.

NEW YORK — Apple CEO Tim Cook says the company will produce one of its existing lines of Mac computers in the United States next year.

Cook made the comments in part of an interview taped for NBC's "Rock Center," but aired Thursday morning on "Today" and posted on the network's website.

Cook didn't say which line of computers would be produced in the U.S. or where in the country they would be made.

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Cook says the consumer electronics world has never really had a big production presence in the U.S.

A call to Apple for comment was not immediately returned.

The news comes a day after Apple posted its worst stock drop in four years, erasing $35 million in market capitalization.

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