Picture-taking contact lens 'not science fiction anymore'

Korean researchers say they've created transparent electrodes that fit on a contact lens, turning it in a picture-taking device.

A competitor may already have their eye on Google Glass.

In a statement, Korean researchers said they've taken a major step toward developing electronics that fit in a contact lens.

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Their study describes "transparent electrodes that can remain electrically conductive and stable under large mechanical deformations." Basically, a contact lens that doubles as an electronic device.

The statement says transparent electrodes are already in use in things like touch screens, flat-screen televisions and light-emitting devices. But they degrade over time and are expensive to produce.

In the study, the researchers say they’ve developed a more durable kind of electrode that could be "highly desirable for applications in flexible and wearable electronics."

The electrodes studied were only one pixel across. They were worn by live rabbits for five hours with no irritation or adverse effects, the statement says.

"Wearing eye contact lenses, picture-taking and scanning, is not science fiction anymore," the statement says.


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