Facebook touts 'new type of gift card'

The social media company launched reusable gift cards that can also be used at multiple stores.

Facebook is giving users a chance to "like" their favorite things in person with new Facebook gift cards.

The company made the announcement on its blog Thursday. According to the post, Facebook users can send each other gift cards that can be used in brick-and-mortar stores from Target to Jamba Juice.


Users will select gift cards from a Gift Cards & Digital category on the website, then choose a value. Their friend or friends will be notified of the gift instantly. A Facebook gift card will arrive in the mail a few days later.

Facebook called the initiative "a new type of gift card," partially because the card is reusable. Once someone has a Facebook gift card, they can keep loading it up with more money.

Facebook is also touting the card’s ability to store gifts for multiple stores. According to the blog, a single Facebook gift card could have $10 on it for Target, $25 on it for Jamba Juice, $100 on it for Sephora and so on.

Facebook said gift card balances will be viewable from both computer desktops and phones. The company added that users will get notifications when their gift card balances change.

Facebook said it plans to roll out the gift cards gradually to users in the U.S., though some already saw the change on Thursday, when the announcement was made.


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