Facebook Graph Search to store user's search entries

Facebook Activity Log has been recording users' search entries since September, which will continue with Graph Search.

Before Facebook users test out the new Graph Search engine they should keep in mind that everything they search for will be stored on their account.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the beta version of Graph Search Tuesday, which allows users to find movies and apps their friends like. Graph Search can bring up a user’s photos, interests and places he or she goes.

At the same time, Lars Rasmussen, Facebook search head and a former Google employee, said during the company's press conference Tuesday that searches will be stored in the activity log, according to Engadget. Facebook initially updated the Activity Log in September to include search entries.

The search records are not public, though, and users can easily erase either individual search entries or all of them.

To review their search history, a user can go to their Facebook profile and click on the "Activity Log,” then click "Search" tab on the lower left side of the page.

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