Disney closing 'Epic Mickey' video game developer

The company says the closure is due to the 'fast-evolving gaming platforms' in the video game world.

LOS ANGELES — Disney is saying goodbye to the developer of "Epic Mickey."

The interactive division of the Walt Disney Co. announced Tuesday that it is closing Junction Point Studios. The Austin, Texas-based video game developer created 2010's "Disney Epic Mickey" and its 2012 sequel "Epic Mickey 2."

Disney says the closure is part of its "effort to address the fast-evolving gaming platforms and marketplace," and to align its resources with its key priorities.

Disney acquired Junction Point Studios in 2007. The studio was led by "Deus Ex" and "Thief" creator Warren Spector.

The original "Epic Mickey" was released for the Nintendo Wii, while "Epic Mickey 2" was available on all major consoles.

Disney unveiled plans earlier this month for a new franchise combining a toy line with a game called "Disney Infinity."


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