Baby wet his diaper? App can alert you with a tweet

Huggies TweetPee alerts parents via Twitter when their babies' diapers are wet.

Can’t tell if your baby has a wet diaper or is just agitated? The answer could come in a form of a tweet.

Huggies has developed an app that will send you a tweet every time your baby wets his diaper.

Huggies TweetPee alert uses a sensor attached to the baby's diaper. When it senses humidity, it tweets the parent.

The website says multiple people can get notifications.

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Of course, the baby will have to be wearing a specially designed Huggies diaper, but the company says the diaper is built for comfort and safety. According to the website, the sensor can easily be installed in one diaper, then removed and installed in a new one.

The website even promotes the ability to refresh your diaper stock online without having to leave home.

The product is launching in Brazil, so for now the site is in Portuguese.

Adverblog reported the app also keeps track of how many diapers parents are using, allowing them to ensure they always have some available.

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Adverblog does question, though, if babies need to be connected constantly and wonders about the health risks of an infant wearing a sensor transmitting to Twitter all day.

And the website does not explicitly state if poop is, or can be, detected by the sensor.


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