23-million-year-old lizard fossil found in Mexico

Mexican scientists are studying a complete lizard fossil that dates back 23 million years and was found preserved in amber.


Lizard preserved in amber: Complete lizard fossil preserved in amber.EFE Photo: File

23-million-year-old lizard preserved in amber in Mexico.

A 23-million-year-old lizard was found preserved in amber in Chiapas, Mexico, the Spanish news agency EFE reported. Mexican scientists are studying the complete fossil of the lizard, whose soft tissue remains have been preserved in amber.

The small piece of fossil resin, shaped like a trapezoid and entombing the skeleton, is a "complete and articulated animal," according to experts. It was discovered several months ago in the Simojovel amber deposits of the northern part of the southeastern state of Chiapas. The lizard was identified as a new species of the genus Anolis and is currently on display at the Amber Museum in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico, according to EFE.


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